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About Christina Barrett, RMT

Christina Barrett has been a registered massage therapist since 1991. After providing massage therapy in Ontario for four years, Christina moved with her family to Weymouth, Nova Scotia, where she ran her own massage therapy clinic for thirteen years. In 2008, to provide better educational opportunities for her youngest daughter, Christina closed her clinic and relocated to Wolfville. She can be found at Eau Spa at the Old Orchard Inn and also brings massage therapy to home and office.

Massage Therapy -- Health at home

Massage Therapy is more than a luxury service: it's a recognized health care modality and is covered under many health insurance plans. Christina Barrett, RMT, brings the benefits of massage therapy to you. Direct billing is available for some health insurance plans, and receipts are issued for other plans or for income tax purposes. Some insurance companies require a doctor's note--a prescription will do--before they cover massage treatments, but a doctor's note is usually good for an entire year's worth of treatments.

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